Marcello DiStasio, MD, PhD







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Department of Pathology
Yale School of Medicine


300 George St. Room 353D
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3D printable model files

Some pieces of custom designed laboratory hardware useful for preparing human tissues for histology and other experimental protocols. The *.STL files are provided for download, which you can import into SketchUp or other design software for editing to further customize, or into a 3D printing slicer program so that you can print your own copies.

Brain holder for cutting

A basin and knife guide for reproducible symmetric coronal sections in brain cutting. May be most useful in supporting unfixed brains for sectioning. [credit: M. Kandarapallil]

BrainHolderModel   Model STL file: BrainHolder_v4.stl

Slide holder for center marking

Provides ruler guides for marking an ‘X’ to locate the center point of standard 3” x 1” glass slides.

SlideDiagGuideModel   Model STL file: SlideDiagonalGuide.stl